Bright ideas

There are so many things that you can do with Lightwave, and this sections provides you with just a handful of the most useful that we could think of. The Lightwave system is designed to be flexible so that you can add as much or as little as you like. You can install and entire smart home, or install just a couple of devices in order to achieve a specific task. hopefully this section will provide you with some bright ideas of your own.

Wirefree 2-way

A quick and easy alternative to a cabled switch

The Wire-free Switch provides a simple, quick wireless alternative to cabled 2-Way switching. Once you have retrofitted one Lightwave Dimmer, rather than adding a 2-Way Switch you can wirelessly link a Wire-free Switch.

Attach to any surface

It can be screwed to a back-box or attached to any surface using the adhesive pads provided. The Wire-free Switch above all provides unprecedented flexibility and allows you to add any number of extra light switches wherever you want without having to cable.

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Lock sockets

Family safety

Lightwave Smart Sockets can be remotely locked to prevent any appliances that are plugged into them being manually turned on or off. Being able to remotely lock Lightwave Sockets from the App or the Socket Locker remote allows you to ensure that the kids are safe around potentially dangerous appliances such as the kettle or microwave. You can also lock essential appliances such as a fridge freezer on to prevent accidental switch off.

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Room by room heating

Save energy

Heating the whole house can be wasteful: often, every room is heating, but most remain unoccupied. By turning down radiators in rooms that are not being used with Lightwave Radiator Valves, significant energy can be saved.

Reduce demand on the boiler

Energy is saved because demand on the boiler, and the rate at which fuel is being burned is reduced. When you consider that a radiator at maximum output can expend as much energy as an electric fire or kettle, it is easy to see how a bit of extra control can help to save energy and money.

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Reduce heat loss from windows

The Magnetic Trigger

A lot of energy can be wasted when windows are left open in a heated room. When attached to a window frame, a Lightwave Magnetic Trigger can automatically instruct a Lightwave radiator valve turn down the radiator temperature when it detects an open window. It will then automatically restore the temperature when the window is closed.

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Turn on lights when you open doors

The Magnetic Switch

A Magnetic Switch (LW904) can be attached in seconds to any door or window. Use it to automatically turn on a LightwaveRF device such as a dimmer / plugin or CFL when you open or close the door.

A Great idea for your porch lights, a utility room or bathroom so you don’t have to feel around for the switch in the dark!

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Schedule electric heating

The Electric Switch

An LW934 Electric Switch can be connected to any electric radiator or towel rail up to 3000W. The Switch can be linked directly to the LightwaveRF App via the Lightwave Link and used to monitor and control the temperature of an electric radiator with the help of its in-built temperature sensor.

This way, you can schedule electric radiators from your app and have them come on and off automatically alongside the rest of your heating system.

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One switch to rule them all...

A simple yet much underestimated piece of kit is the Lightwave Wire-free Switch. You can use this device to trigger any number of Lightwave devices at once.

At the press of one button, you can trigger dimmers and plugin sockets to turn on all of your lounge lamps, or perhaps turn off all of your sockets and standbys when you leave.

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Keep the kids safe at night

The PIR sensor

If you have Lightwave Dimmers or Plugin sockets installed, adding a simple wireless Lightwave PIR sensor can automatically turn on a landing or bedroom light at night if movement is detected.

Useful at night time

This means that if the kids get up to use the bathroom, there path will be safely lit. Even better, the dimmer will automatically turn off again once they are safely back in bed, so the lights don’t stay on for the rest of the night!

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