The Signal Booster extends the range of up to 6 unique LightwaveRF commands. This unit receives a command from the Lightwave Link, a wire-free switch or handheld remote and re-transmits it effectively doubling the range. This is especially useful for extending the range outdoors in a large garden, as the Signal Booster is waterproof and can be safely positioned outside.


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Easy Installation

the device runs off batteries, it is easily portable and can be positioned anywhere. It is also waterproof, so can be situated outside in a garden. Note: The Signal Booster does not currently work with LightwaveRF Heating devices.

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Description: Signal Booster
Finishes: White
Voltage: 3V (2x AA)
Radio Frequency: 433.9MHz
TX (Transmitter): Y
Maximum Recievers: Unlimited within 15m range