In-line Relays can be used to switch large circuits via a Handheld Remote, Wire-free switch or the App. The LW821 is volts free and can be used to switch contactors or door / curtain / blind openers.


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Control curtains, gates and doors

In-line relays make it possible to operate devices such as curtains, gates, garage doors and large lighting circuits. You can operate them remotely from the Lightwave App, remote control or from a wire-free switch.

LW821 In-line relays are designed to be cabled into a mains or to provide a ‘volts free’ connection to a low voltage circuit, although they always require mains power to be able to operate.

Radio Frequency: 433.92MHz
Input: 220-240V ~ 50Hz
Output: 500W max
Type: Latching relay
Standby Energy Use: Less than 1W
Wiring: Requires mains power
Operation: Performs volts free or mains switching
Warranty: 2 year standard warranty
Mounting: Screw mounts attached
Environment: Indoor use except when mounted in 824 enclosure