The range

Lightwave is a revolution in home heating, lighting and power control. Soft start Dimmer Switches, ultra slim-line Power Sockets, advanced LED lighting and Radiator Valves that can be controlled from anywhere.

All Lightwave devices can be controlled from Handheld Remotes, PIR sensors or a smartphone, tablet or iPod Touch. Set up takes just a few minutes. Every Dimmer and Power socket can be easily retrofitted into a standard back-box. No re-wiring is needed which means minimal disruption; you can simply replace existing switches and sockets and experience full Smart Home Control.

The Link

The Lightwave Link is the core of the system and provides access to your home from anywhere via the LightwaveRF App. It is plug and play and simply uses a standard ethernet cable to your home broadband WiFi router.

Once powered up, the Lightwave Link allows the App to control over 200 individual Lightwave devices in the home from wherever you are. This can include dimmers, switches, sockets, heating, alert systems and outdoor lighting.

The Apps

Lightwave Apps are available as a free download for Apple and Android or as a Webpage Login with the Web App. The Apps are optimised for smartphones, tablets and on a PC. The App can control any Lightwave receiver such as dimmers, sockets or Radiator valves via the Lightwave Link. This acts as the gateway between the App and other devices and allows remote control from anywhere at or away from home.

The Apps include clever features such as timers, events, scene lighting and ‘all off’ functions, dusk to dawn sensing and geolocation.


Designer soft-start dimmer switches available in metallic finishes. Compatible with most dimmable LEDs, the Dimmers utilise existing wiring and back boxes. They can be controlled manually or remotely using the App, Handheld Remote or Wire-free Switch.


Lightwave 2-Way Dimmers (LW450 / 452 / 455) are identical in appearance to standard Lightwave dimmers. They act as ‘slave’ switches in a 2-way circuit (circuits with more than one switch such as hall and landing lights). Up to six 2-way dimmer gangs can be connected to one master Lightwave dimmer switch, either directly or in a ‘daisy chain’. This method negates the need for intermediate switches.

Please note: Lightwave 2-way dimmers cannot be used in conjunction with a standard light switch.

Scene control

Scene control provides a very convenient way to set the level of all of your room lights at once and recall it as a favourite saved setup.

With the press of a single button on a LightwaveRF Mood Remote or Controller, Scene Setter, or the App, you can dim selected lights and lamps to provide the perfect atmosphere for watching a movie or to create a relaxed mood for entertaining guests. You can even include power sockets into the scene.