LW101A Scene Selector

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Remote controlled scene lighting allows you to group control your lighting fixtures and lamps together from one switch. It provides a very convenient way to control all of your lounge lights at once and to recall a saved favourite setup. Similar to the Mood Controller, The Scene Selector allows you to turn on and off and dim (if applicable) your LightwaveRF devices as well as save and control three separate scenes. It also includes an ‘all off’ button which is ideal for turning off all your lights and lamps at the end of the evening.

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101 ways to use LightwaveRF

No. 9 Scene control

Scene control provides a very convenient way to set the level of all of your room lights at once and recall it as a favourite saved setup. With the press of a single button on a LightwaveRF Mood Remote or Controller, Scene Setter, or the App, you can dim selected lights and lamps to provide the perfect atmosphere for watching a movie or to create a relaxed mood for entertaining guests. You can even include power sockets into the scene.

Traditionally, scene lighting has been complex, expensive and hardwired. LightwaveRF is different. It’s wireless, much simpler to install and setup, and more affordable! New modules can be added at any time, and adjustments to preset scenes can be made in seconds. Any LightwaveRF dimmers, power sockets or plug-in sockets can be included into a scene.


Specification: LW101A

Description: Scene Selector
Finishes: White (WH) / Steel (SS) / Chrome (C) / Black Chrome (BLK)
Voltage: 3V (CR2032)
Radio Frequency: 433.9MHz
TX (Transmitter): Y
Maximum Recievers: Unlimited within 15m range
Dimensions: 88x88x10
Weight: 80g