LW206 Wire-free Switch (2 Gang)

LW206 Wire-free Switch (2 Gang)

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The Wire-free Switch can be used to control any LightwaveRF receiver such as relays, sockets and plug-ins. It can also dim LightwaveRF dimmers. The switch can be screwed to a back box or positioned anywhere using the  adhesive pads provided. It is a useful alternative to 2-way switching. The switches can be linked to as many LightwaveRF receivers as desired to control multiple devices at once. They come in 1 and 2 gang with finishes to match the dimmer range (models LW201 and 221) and also white plastic (LW205 and 206).

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101 ways to use LightwaveRF

No. 1 Wire-free 2-way

The Wire-free Switch provides a simple, quick wireless alternative to cabled 2-Way switching. Once you have retrofitted one LightwaveRF Dimmer, rather than adding a 2-Way Switch you can wirelessly link a Wire-free Switch.

It can be screwed to a backbox or attached to any surface using the adhesive pads provided. The Wire-free Switch above all provides unprecedented flexibility and allows you to add any number of extra light switches wherever you want without having to cable.

101 ways to use LightwaveRF

No. 7 One switch to rule them all…

A simple yet much underestimated piece of kit is the LightwaveRF Wire-free Switch. You can use this device to trigger any number of Lightwave devices at once. You can also do this with the Scene Selector (Mood Lighting Controller), the Mood Remote, or ,of course, from the LightwaveRF Apps.

At the press of one button, you can trigger dimmers and plugin sockets to turn on all of your lounge lamps, or perhaps turn off all of your sockets and standbys when you leave.

Easy Install

LightwaveRF plug and play devices give all the benefits of remote control without any rewiring at all. Plug-in sockets, wire-free switches, remote controls and sensors provide instant control, grouping, dimming and mood lighting in seconds with quick and easy setup.

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Specification: LW206

Description: Wire-free Switch (2 Gang)
Finish: White plastic
Voltage: 3V (CR2032)
Radio Frequency: 433.9MHz
TX (Transmitter): Y
Maximum Receivers: Unlimited within 15m
Dimensions: 88x88x10
Weight: 78g