LW107 PIR Movement Sensor

LW107 PIR Movement Sensor

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The LightwaveRF PIR Movement Sensor is wireless and therefore can be positioned anywhere. When it is triggered by the movement of a person, it will automatically turn on a LightwaveRF device (except heating devices) such as a dimmer, socket or plug-in. The PIR can also be set to automatically turn off that device after a set delay period. It can be set to only come on at night, so that, for example, lights will automatically come on in a hall or landing without the need to find the lightswitch in the dark.

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101 ways to use LightwaveRF

No. 16 Remotely manage my holiday home

LightwaveRF is very useful for monitoring and managing a second home, holiday home or static caravan. The energy monitor will allow you to keep an eye on power consumption; plugin sockets or dimmers can put on lights on a timer for security; Radiator Valves and Boiler control can make sure that the heating is under control and warm the house before you or your guests arrive; and relays or power sockets can manage gates, curtains or switch off anything that may have been left on.


Easy Install

The LightwaveRF PIR Movement Sensor is very easy to install. It is wireless and therefore can be positioned anywhere using the adhesive sticky pads provided.

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Specification: LW107

Description: PIR Sensor
Voltage: 3V (CR2032)
Radio Frequency: 433.9MHz
TX (Transmitter): Y
Maximum Recievers: Unlimited within 15m range