LW450 2-Way Dimmer (1 Gang)

LW450 2-Way Dimmer (1 Gang)

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The LightwaveRF LW450 2-Way, 1 Gang Dimmer is designed to operate alongside a standard LightwaveRF Dimmer on a 2-Way circuit (only one standard dimmer maximum, can be used on any circuit). Up to six gangs can be used on one circuit in place of intermediate switches in a ‘daisy chain’ or from the same master. It is available in stainless steel, white, chrome and black chrome finishes. The Dimmer utilises existing wiring and back boxes (35mm minimum recommended) allowing for quick and easy installation. It must be used alongside a standard LightwaveRF dimmer and cannot be used alongside a normal light switch.

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Easy Install

Installing LightwaveRF dimmers is quick and easy, and no alterations to the building fabric, special tools or training are required. No extra cabling is necessary and the dimmers fit standard 35mm back-boxes. Each retrofit module is legal to DIY install in your own home, and all our dimmers are tested to meet the highest safety standards.

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Specification LW450

Finishes: White (WH) / Steel (SS) / Chrome (C) / Black Chrome (BLK)
Input: 220-240V ~50Hz
Ouput Rating: 3W~250W max.
Load: Equal to the connected standard dimmer
Back box depth: 35mm min.
Earthing: Not essential (double insulated)
Standby Energy Use: Less than 1W
Wiring: Neutral wire NOT required
Warranty: 2 year standard warranty
Environment – For indoor use only