LW823 Waterproof Enclosure

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LightwaveRF relays can be used to control outdoor lighting and powered devices such as pond pumps and electric gates. This waterproof housing allows the LightwaveRF LW825 3-Way Relay to be safely located outside in any weather. It can be controlled by a LightwaveRF wire-free switch, outdoor switch, remote or the LightwaveRF App (Lightwave Link required). The range of the Lightwave Link will usually extend into the garden and, if not, a waterproof signal booster can provide the extra distance to control outdoor lighting and power.

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101 ways to use LightwaveRF

No. 16 Remotely manage my holiday home

LightwaveRF is very useful for monitoring and managing a second home, holiday home or static caravan. The energy monitor will allow you to keep an eye on power consumption; plugin sockets or dimmers can put on lights on a timer for security; Radiator Valves and Boiler control can make sure that the heating is under control and warm the house before you or your guests arrive; and relays or power sockets can manage gates, curtains or switch off anything that may have been left on.


Specification: LW823

Description: Waterproof Housing
Finish: Grey
Waterproof Rating: IP56
Dimensions: 110x165x45
Houses: LW825 3-Way Relay