Smart Home solutions for complete peace of mind

LightwaveRF – the UK’s no 1 affordable smart home provider – specialises in smart dimmers, sockets and plugins that you can control from a handy remote or accessible wireless switches. No wiring, no apps or wifi, no fuss, just simple to install stylish solutions that save bending and reducing the risk of falls.

The LW321 LightwaveRF Three Pack Remote gives all the benefits of remote control without any rewiring at all. Just plug them into your existing standard sockets to provide instant control, grouping, dimming and mood lighting. Priced £36.99.

Choose to add a LW201 wire-free switch or LW101 mood controller and you don’t even need the remote control! The mood controller allows you to save your favourite dim levels and lamp settings which you can recall at the touch of one button. Each switch wirelessly signals a plug-in socket which you can control a lamp with. control all your lighting from the comfort of your favourite arm chair. It is completely wireless and is powered by a single battery. Priced £26.99.

For complete peace of mind, check out Shop at Maplin superstores nationwide and

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Published by Alexander Shermer