A proprietary system

Lightwave is a ‘proprietary’ system. This means that it is only designed to work with devices using the LightwaveRF radio ‘protocol’ (standard). We do not currently work with other radio protocols such as bluetooth, zigbee or zwave.

Why is Lightwave a closed system?

This was a deliberate choice, as it makes our devices easy to understand, link together and function more smoothly. We wanted to maintain an independent and reliable system that we could tailor to our needs.

There are an increasing number of 3rd party devices that have adopted the LightwaveRF radio standard and have allowed it to work with their devices or have allowed integration with their technology. This includes the Nest Thermostat, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT. These partnerships are explained in the ‘How it works’ section. More partners will be added later this year.