A flexible system that can be upscaled

Lightwave is a great way to create a smarthome where you can control lighting, heating and power from your smartphone. However, it is also an excellent way to provide these controls in larger commercial premises. The same modules and software can be used for a host of larger applications with a little guidance from the Lightwave team.

Easily retrofittable in light commercial premises

Without modification or any complex planning, Lightwave can be easily retrofitted to shops, bars, small hotels and offices and controlled in the same manner as a domestic house. It can provide a very cost effective way to conveniently control lighting and heating out of hours, to turn off electrical devices, and to monitor energy use.

Save energy and money

All these measures can provide significant energy saving benefits justifying the cost. Because no expensive training, planning and changes to the building fabric are required, Lightwave brings smart building control within reach of small businesses which otherwise may not be able to afford this level of control.

Manage more complex sites

With a little bit of guidance from Lightwave, our commercial software can link hundreds of Lightwave devices together on the same network; therefore, we can also tackle much larger projects, such as universities, schools, care homes and holiday parks for a fraction of the cost of a traditional building management system. Lightwave can even cover multiple sites on one account login on your smartphone.

Get in touch for advice

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