Meet Ross

Ross Hovey’s mobile phone is his lifeline and in connecting Lightwave’s smart home solutions he has transformed his home and way of life. A Liverpool football fan and banking professional, he has a rare neuromuscular disorder, spinal muscular atrophy – a genetic disease that causes muscle weakness and progressive loss of movement.  For 37 years old Ross this means loss of strength in his arms and legs.

With support from his parents nearby, his specially designed wheelchair, team of dedicated carers and LightwaveRF smart home solutions, Ross lives independently in his home in Cambridge.

How Ross uses Lightwave

“One of my friends recommended Lightwave and I have never looked back,” reflects Ross. “It’s easy to install and not at all complicated.  The retrofit is great.”

Ross says: “I sleep with my phone in my hand as it enables me to do everything – it is my lifeline.  The advent of smart phones has made tech easier to interconnect.  I love that I can control every Lightwave device from the free app.  When I arrive home I can turn on my outside light, open my front door and light my hallway all from my phone.  If I need to alert a carer in the middle of the night I can turn their bedroom lights on at the touch of a button. My hallway has three PIR motion sensors. When a carer gets up in the night to turn me, hall lights come on and go off again once they are back in bed.”

Ross continues: “My carers have a lot to remember.  If they forget to turn the hall light out the PIR will do it. Lightwave is my back up.”

A stylish solution that anyone can use

Ross says

“I don’t endorse a specialist disabled world.  The world should be normal and accessible to everyone. The NHS advocate the Possum electrical assistive technology, it dates back to the 1980s, is noisy, ugly, and powered by an impractical PDA system.  I didn’t want a special solution, I wanted stylish in my home which is why I chose LightwaveRF. It is cool, modern, affordable, easy to use and non-intrusive.”

Ross’s carer, Debbie agrees: “That is the beauty of Lightwave I would have it in my home.”

Control at home or away

Keeping warm

Being warm is important for Ross’s circulation and so when he was out and about he would ring his mum and request she drive to his bungalow to put his heating on so that it would be warm when he got home. He explains: “I can’t afford to run my heating while I am at work or out with friends but I do need to keep warm.  With LightwaveRF’s TRVs I can remotely control every radiator, in every room of my home and don’t need to rely on mum.

“My bedroom is the last room in the bungalow so the ability to shut individual rooms off, as well as, on is also important to me so I can save energy.  I’m now planning multiple zones using more links I can get better use and savings” he continues.

Ross’s medical condition is helped by warm weather and his home is filled with pictures from his travels around the world with friends.  He says: “When I go on holiday I have my timers set to ‘Away’ this gives the illusion my home is occupied with selected lighting coming on at dusk.  I’m keen to connect LightwaveRF’s relay to my blinds and curtains for the full effect.  I’m also going to add a ‘Movie’ option and connect my lighting and lounge blinds at the same time.”