Providing a helping hand

According to leading charity Age UK, each year around 3.4 million people over 65 suffer a fall, many of which cause fractures, leading to stays in hospital.

But thanks to smart home technology, the risk of failing in your own home can be greatly reduced. Meet Jill. At 88-years-young, Jill is one of a growing army of over 65s embracing the power of smart home technology.

Introducing Jill

Lightwave can be helpful around the house

For “early adopters” like Jill, PIR sensors and smart light bulbs mean she never has to fumble around in the dark if she needs to get out of bed in the night. Movement is detected and lights come on automatically, illuminating the landing and lighting the way to the bathroom or staircase.

In the living room, Jill’s table lamps and fire are controlled remotely using Lightwave Plug n Play technology. This means she is able to switch lights on and off from the comfort of an armchair and avoid having to get down on all fours.

The technology is able to operate independently of the Lightwave Link, which is great for people like Jill, who perhaps don’t have an interest in controlling their smart home system via our free app.

Safety & Security

Smart doorbell

In addition to personal safety, LightwaveRF brings added security benefits.

When Jill’s doorbell rings, an upstairs light comes on automatically, giving visitors the impression that someone is home. Additionally, lights around the house go on and off when the doorbell rings, ensuring Jill, whose hearing isn’t what it used to be, is alerted to the presence of a visitor.

Jill’s back garden is also equipped with unwanted intruder deterrents in the form of floodlighting activated by outdoor sensors. Usefully, this can also be controlled using a Lightwave remote control, meaning Jill can manually turn on the floodlights from the comfort of her bedroom.

Jill says…

Talking about her smart home journey, Jill said: “It’s wonderful how I can control the lights and electricity using a remote control. I find it very difficult to crouch down and turn off sockets now so it’s great that I am able to do all of this without having to move from my chair.

“The security features are also effective. It’s comforting to know that no one is able to prowl around in the dark near my property. I can’t imagine being without these devices now, as they have made such a difference to my life and offer peace of mind.”