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A range of smart sensors that allows you to track your energy use from your smartphone, detect occupancy and movement, and reduce heatloss from open windows.


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Simple to install & use

All LightwaveRF sensors are wireless, plug & play and can be installed in seconds. Use the Energy Monitor to view your energy usage in real-time plus compare the results using graphs on your smartphone or tablet. Place a wireless PIR sensor anywhere on your wall to detect movement and automatically turn on lights, sockets or trigger other actions. A magnetic trigger will automatically turn your heating down when windows are left open to save energy ,where as a magnetic switch can turn on lights when you enter a room.

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LightwaveRF Smart Sensors

How smart can you be? Discover the LightwaveRF range

 LightwaveRF has a comprehensive range of smart retrofit or plug & play solutions for lighting, power, heating, energy monitoring and more. Discover just how smart you can be by controlling your home or office all from one app.