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A unique range of smart power solutions with built-in smartphone and scene control.

Simple to understand, quick and easy to install, and starting from just £30.


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Simple to install and use

LightwaveRF power sockets look and operate like standard decorative sockets, but they can also be controlled from anywhere using a smartphone. They utilise existing wiring and can be DIY or professionally installed in minutes. Watch the video or click on the links to see how LightwaveRF smart devices work in the home or in commercial applications. Plan your own project with ease by using our Smart home designer.

What can I do with LightwaveRF smart power?

Why choose LightwaveRF?

A complete range of affordable power control devices

How smart can you be? Discover the LightwaveRF range

 LightwaveRF has a comprehensive range of smart retrofit or plug & play solutions for lighting, power, heating, energy monitoring and more. Discover just how smart you can be by controlling your home or office all from one app.