Click on the arrows and images or watch the video to see how Lightwave works

Lightwave dimmers look and work just like any other standard decorative fittings...

...but every Lightwave lighting device also has in-built wireless communication technology

This allows remote control with a handset, wire-free switch or smartphone app

You can also use a wire-free Scene Selector to create scene lighting

Scene selectors or Wire-free switches can be placed anywhere and don't require cables

All dimmers are 'retrofit': they can be quickly substituted for your existing fittings

All devices are DIY or can be professionally installed: see the installation section below

Dimmers are compatible with most LEDs but click here to see what we recommend

The Lightwave Link allows you to control all the devices in your home from the App

One link is all that you need and it simply plugs into your existing router

The App is available for free on Apple, Android, Windows (mid 2017) and as a Web App

If you have Amazon's Alexa devices you can also use voice commands at home

coming soon

See why Lightwave is different

Affordability: devices from £20-£30

Create scene lighting for under £100

Designer fittings

Retrofit means no extra cabling

Easy to DIY install