Click on the arrows or watch the video to see how Lightwave works

Lightwave devices look and operate just like any other decorative fittings...

...but every Lightwave device also has in-built wireless technology

This provides remote control from a handset, wire-free switch or app

You can install as many or few devices as you like and add more at any time

Switches & sockets are 'retrofit': they can be quickly substituted for existing fittings

All devices can be DIY or professionally installed (see installation section below)

The Lightwave Link allows you to control all of your devices from one App

One link is all that you need, and it simply plugs into your existing router

The App is available on Apple, Android, Windows (mid 2017) and as a web app

Once the link is set up, the App can control your devices from anywhere

You can also monitor temperature & energy, set timers and trigger events

If you have Amazon's Alexa you can also use voice commands at home

Lightwave also works with IFTTT, Musaic and Nest

Click the images, arrows or buttons to learn about installation

Planning a big install? Check out our smart home designer tool

See how Lightwave can be used in commercial installs

See why Lightwave is different

Affordability: devices from £20-£30

A comprehensive range

Beautiful finishes

Superior range to wifi / zwave / zigbee

IFTTT, Nest and Alexa compatibility