Perfect for small commercial installs.

Bars, restaurants and small hotels can benefit from the low cost, flexibility and impressive range by installing scene lighting, power controls, and energy saving heating devices. The Web and Commercial Web App provides a simple control platform for easy staff administration and management. The system can easily be expanded or modified at any time, and no special training is required to maintain it. LightwaveRF can save energy by micromanaging areas alongside an existing management system.

retrofit modules

LightwaveRF brings the smart automation technology behind LightwaveRF to the commercial market. We offer a new kind of building energy management system that is uniquely flexible, low cost and retrofit-able. Our wireless modules can be retrofitted to any scale of building or even an entire site.

save energy

LightwaveRF provides software that is specially designed for commercial and public sector premises. We provide you with remote, zonal control of all your heating, lighting and power all from a desktop or tablet App. LightwaveRF will help you take control and lower your energy bills by eliminating the need to heat and light rooms that are unoccupied or power equipment that’s not being used. Savings can be up to 30% of energy costs depending on how the system is utilised.

micro management

LightwaveRF offers a smarter, more connected approach to energy management. We can reduce your bills by micro managing your energy consumption room-by-room in real time to prevent waste. Heating can even be automatically reduced in real time if the room is unoccupied, or the window is open. We make a real difference to how you procure and consume energy, and can help you become much more energy efficient.


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