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Enlightening security solutions

With over 750,000 burglaries every year , have you thought how you will protect your home while you are on holiday this summer? With LightwaveRF’s affordable smart home solutions’ you can relax and enjoy being in complete wherever you are.
Until now smart home technology has been complex and expensive. The UK’s fastest growing provider, LightwaveRF is different. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of a seamless, wireless system at a price you can afford.
The LightwaveRF Three Pack Remote gives all the benefits of remote control without any rewiring at all, priced £26.99. Just plug them into an existing standard socket to provide instant control, grouping, dimming and mood lighting. Add the Lightwave Link and control the sockets with your smartphone from anywhere.


LightwaveRF Dimmers available in stylish stainless steel, contemporary chrome and black chrome, and popular white, priced £26.99. Designed to be fitted quickly and easily, the clever devices connect to the LightwaveRF App enabling you to set your lights to turn on and off at random whilst you are away during the evening or on holiday.
Give the illusion of simulated occupancy to deter burglars with the LightwaveRF LW821 innovative In-line Relay, priced £23.99. Set your curtains to open and close on a timer or operate them at random, remotely.




Home or away with the LightwaveRF free Apple and Android Apps you are always in complete control from your phone or tablet. Every dimmer, socket, relay and sensor connects to the LightwaveRF App via the LightwaveRF Link. Priced £79.99 this smart gateway box simply plugs into your existing Wi-Fi broadband router.
For enlightening security solutions through to cost saving energy saving ideas visit www.lightwaveRF.com.
LightwaveRF solutions are available from Maplin superstores nationwide for your nearest store visit www.maplin.co.uk.

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Published by louisei