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101 ways to use LightwaveRF

No.20. Automatically open and close curtains or blinds

You can use a LightwaveRF LW821 In-line relay to operate many types of curtain or blind motors. This allows them to be opened and closed using the App and/or a wireless On/Off/Stop switch. You can also go one step further and set a timer that will automatically open or close the curtains or blinds at […]

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No.19. Save Energy by Locking Lightwave Dimmers

Many LightwaveRF users do not realise that the dimmer switches have their own automatic in-built timer as standard. The timer can be activated by ‘locking’ a LightwaveRF dimmer using the App or a socket locker. When locked, you can still turn on the dimmer manually at the switch; however, after 5 minutes the dimmer will […]

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No.18. Save Energy the Smart Way

The LightwaveRF Energy Monitor shows your energy usage in real-time and tells you how much your energy is costing per hour, just like a smart meter. However, LightwaveRF goes one better, as now you can save energy by turning on/off energy hungry appliances from your phone and see how your usage changes. If you think […]

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No 17. Assisted Living

LightwaveRF is a simple and low cost solution to provide a bit of extra help, useful for those who have mobility problems. Plugins, dimmers and sockets can be controlled by a wire-free switch and this can be positioned anywhere within reach. So, no more bending down to reach difficult sockets or stretching to reach light […]

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No. 16 Remotely manage my holiday home

LightwaveRF is very useful for monitoring and managing a second home, holiday home or static caravan. The energy monitor will allow you to keep and eye on power consumption; plugin sockets or dimmers can out on lights on a timer for security; Radiator Valves and Boiler control can make sure that the heating is under […]

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No. 15 Schedule appliances

You can schedule your LightwaveRF sockets using a timer or an event on the LightwaveRF App. This means that you can automatically turn on appliances when away from home or at nighttime. Using this feature, you can take advantage of cheap rate electricity if you have access to it, or perhaps even wake up to […]

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No. 14 Get the garden ready for summer

The LightwaveRF range of powered relays can be situated in LightwaveRF waterproof housings. This means that they can be located outside and can be used to automate your garden lighting and powered devices such as pond pumps or patio heaters. You can control them with the app, or by using outdoor switches that are wire-free […]

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No. 13 Wake me up gently

If you have a LightwaveRF dimmer or plug-in dimmer in your bedroom, then setting an event on the app will allow you to turn on the lights at a low level, which you can gradually increase in increments. What does this mean for you? This can be a wonderful way to help you to wake […]

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No. 12 Keep it simple

Smartphone control is great for some, but too much technology can be a bit overwhelming for others. With LightwaveRF, you have simple manual control of dimmers and sockets just as before. You can also link key devices to a button on a remote or wire-free switch that is easy to understand for everyone. Sockets and […]

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No. 11 From dusk till dawn

Using the LightwaveRF App and Link, you can set lights or lamps to automatically come on at dusk or dawn everyday. The dusk and dawn timer automatically adjusts to cope with the changing light, making it much more sophisticated than a standard timer. Any LightwaveRF lighting or power device, such as a dimmer, plug-in or […]

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